Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tool # 6

We use Twitter. BlogSpot, WordPress and Diigo to share information within the Leadership Team as well as with the faculty.
Our weekly bulletin  is on WordPress [NMS Principal]
We have a book study that is on Blogspot [Kid Team Book Study]
We use Twitter as a way to get infoand celebrations out quickly wherever we are [Twitter] We are #nmsknights
We use Diigo as described in an earlier tool to share readings that are pertinint to our Leadership Team.

These Tools can easily become a daily part of any classroom. Questions about homework or just questions about the lesson of the day could be asked om twitter or a blog and either the teacher or a student could answer.Students could quickly share thoughts, etc on Twitter or even use TweetDeck to share on multiple tags. the possibilities oere endless. whatevera class can dream one of the tools can be used to help accomplish it.

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