Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool # 7

I have been using 'Coveritlive' on my ipad and iphone since going to the 2012 Model Schools Conference in Orlando this past June.I went to a presentation given by John Kuglin who is an educator that uses and helps others become more technology literate. He also see the future of technology in education.John showed us how Coverit live could be used in a classroom along with 'polleverywhere'. Using Coveritlive and a web cam the Model Schools presentation was available live to anyone and to us in the conference. I can also go back and view that presentaton and others as they were done in SlideRocket. We used PollEverywhere during the conference to get 'live' data from the participants. I think as an administrator the Leadership team could deliver information to the entire staff via the use of Coveritlive, save as SlideRocket presentations and then collect meaningful data using either Coveritlive or PollEverwhere as a determiner of validity or use of the information given. This could also be accomplished in a classroom setting with all students. I plan on trying sending info to staff members using this method during the school year.

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