Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool # 4

Examples of Google Docs that have been sent and used during the school year.

We have used Google Docs to create, edit and share documents and different forms with Leadership in the past. Some of those documatns would include: NMS Handbook, Electronic form submission for receiving the handbook and our Pre Flight document used at the beginning of school with our faculty.

Google Apps can be used in a classroom setting for calendars that the teacher and students could add to. Documents could be worked on at home or any place that students and teachers were located. Collaboration would be just a cloud away so to speak.

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  1. I love that SBISD has it tied to our email. Often I find myself just ignoring the tech ones because it comes so often when they make corrections that I have become numb. I need to make a more conscious effort to read these in a more timely manner. Students have used them and loved the collaboration part.